Irish Web Designer & Developer

After accumulating a total of over 5+ years working in website development and receiving a first class honours masters degree in Software Design, I decided to turn my focus to freelance web design and development, trading under the name Web-Essentials. Unlike my competitors, I am invested in developing a personal connection with each and every one of my customers by providing quality service and being available to you 24/7.



Web Essentials is a sole trader web development business based in Ireland that deals with the design, development and maintenance of websites while also offering SEO and online marketing services to improve the visibility and authority of each website.


Prices are project dependent. Starting at €1500. 

This depends on the size of the website. Anywhere between 2-5 weeks.

All websites should have updates and maintenance each month to avoid hackers and bugs. 

Sign up for the Web Essentials Maintenance package for €50 per month.

All Websites are designed to work on all devices.

Combine hosting with the maintenance package for an additional €10 per month or get hosting by itself for €20 per month. You are also welcome to find your own hosting provider if suited.

That is perfectly fine. I will connect the website with your hosting provider.



Based in Ireland, I design completely unique website layouts for each and every one of my clients. The design will depend on numerous factors including the type of website being developed. Learn more about the different genres of websites I develop.


The first part of the project is spent asking questions and talking with my clients about their business or idea. This helps build a super clear image of what they want and need. After signing off on an agreed date and plan, I get to work. Only then can I deliver a product that both parties are happy with.


The first step in every project is wireframing. Once I have a few layouts decided, I start work on the visual design prototype(s). Before continuing I show the client the prototypes and when the client agrees to the design, I start building the end product.


I will then create each page one at a time and send my clients previews along the way.